Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cherry picking

OK. So I have been sitting on my first post forever. I have no idea how to do this thing, so I've decided just to Bloody Write.

I'm blogging because I can. I enjoy reading other's blogs and have started to feel a bit loathesome for not sharing as much as some of these fabulous women. You can check out who I stalk on my sidebar.

Six facts about me:
* I'm a mum of two; one newbie and one 3.5 year old.
* 3.5 year old is a handful, but dynamic. My love for him is like a rollercoaster. Scarily, I think he takes after me.
* Newbie is just divine. Maybe it is because she is the second and I know a bit more about this thing called Motherhood. But I also think it is because she takes after her father. Time will tell.
* I hate it when people try to get into a lift before others have exited. I have been known to tell people off for it.
*My husband is a true Gentleman. I'm not quite sure to this day how I wrangled to have someone like him stick around. But I do wish he could do house-stuff without step by step instructions.
*I have a brain, but most of the time choose not to use it. Life is easier that way.

So go on, tell me something about you...

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